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Flipper SwimSafe Baby Swim Seat

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Swim seat with 3 chambers safety system to familiarize babys with the water

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Swim seat for babies from 3 months on

  • Perfect to familiarize babies to the water
  • Without hindering and restricting belts
  • Legs remain freely movable
  • Seat adjustable to body extend by aerial dosage of the inner ring
  • Safety system with 3 air chambers and comfort safety valves for easy in- and deflating
  • Keeps stability in case of air loss of one chamber
  • Flexible, soft foil without any harmful softeners (phthalates,BPA)
  • up to 11 kg

Not suitable for bathtubs!


Das im Zertifikat benannte Produkt “Babyschwimmsitz, Flipper SwimSafe® 1040” wurde durch TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH geprüft und erfüllt die definierten Anforderungen.

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